elocation personale lugano trovare casa ticino

Our team carry out all kinds of events both for companies and individuals. We take care of all details from creativity to organization, from logistical and financial aspects to the research of the sponsors.

Trasferirsi in ticino a lugano, azienda famiglia

Relocation Lugano

Jais relocation personale ticino

Lifestyle management,

relocation and events

in Ticino

We support the companies who are going to recruit international staff or the families who want to move to Ticino.

We solve all the problems related to the lifestyle relocation of staff, families and activities in Ticino.

Relocation lugano

About us

Jais Sagl offers services designed to make the non-core tasks of the HR departments easy. The central aspect of our activity is the organization of the relocation of the foreign staff in Ticino and Northern Italy.

In addition we organize all kinds of events, from private parties to business days in Ticino and in Lombardy. 


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Trasferire azienda in ticino
relocation lugano
trasferirsi in svizzera
trasferirsi in svizzera azienda



Our team look for the best solutions for lifestyle, relocation, travel and event organization in Ticino and Northern Italy, according to the specific needs of each business or client.



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